Diameter and ovality measurement


Range Ø from 5 to 2000µm (0,2 to 80mils) - Laser Diffraction Sensors


LDS-1-S : 1 axis measurement

One axis diameter measurement for very fine wires (metallic wire, carbon fiber, enameled wire, die measurement, …). Excellent repeatability +/- 0.03% of the diameter without averaging, wire vibration measurement independent. Measurement frequency of 400 Hz. All static components, no moving parts.
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WSR : Wire Sample Rotation

Specially made for laboratory applications, the optional WSR completes the LDS to measure fine wires over 360°. Easy to use, it allows a complete analysis of the roundness of the wires and quality of drawing dies. 2 different versions : WSR-F : wires < 100µm WSR-S : wires between 50 and 450 µm
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SWB avec boite

SWB : Sample Wire Box

To allow our customer to check periodically the stability of our instruments (quality procedure), CERSA-MCI offer a set of 4 standard wires or rods in a box, calibrated in our laboratory. In close relation with international laboratories like NIST (USA) and METAS (Switzerland), these standard wires or rods are measured on our reference LDS instruments, themselves referring to the reference wires of these international laboratories.
Numerous diameters available : please contact us.
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Foot pedal

FP : Foot Pedal

Accessory that allows to check and record the wire diameter at different positions while the hands are occupied to handle the wire. Commonly used for statistic analysis.
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Label Printer

LP : Label Printer

Either connected to the LDS or to the PC using CIM, it allows to print measurement results and data on labels to stick on the spools.
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CIM LAB software


CIM LAB Software

Our advanced CIM PROD PC software is a complete production quality management tool for the operators. It comes with our instruments for their parameter settings, to clearly display the production measurements as well as the detected defects and generate real time parameters and records all the measures and events on data base.
The LAB version is specially made for wire sample measurement and data management, classifying samples by customizable fields, recording and generating reports, extracting the data to.csv file.
All are useful features for laboratory applications.
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