Optical Fibers measurement

Full inline quality certification

Our full inline quality certification solution


LIS-G: Laser Interferometric Sensor for Glass

5 in one gauge ! Ultra fast detection
For inline diameter measurements of bare optical fibres. The interferometric instruments are ideally suited for optical fibre diameter measurement and flaw detection on high-speed draw towers. Their very high performances open the way to complementary measures difficult to do before like spinning frequency and profile, ovality and diameter stability measurement.
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AIR: Ultra fine "airline"

100% glass section coverage.
Airline detection with or without spinning. Mimum detectable : 0.3µm @400Hz.
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NCTM: Non Contact Tension Measurement

Pure optical principle !
Absolute and high speed inline drawing force measurement. This apparatus allows the measure of the fibre drawing force without contact, without influence on the process. Range : 0 - 400 grams, uncertainty :+/- 1 gr.
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CM5: Coating Monitor 5 axes

All in one ! Diameter and lump&neck detection
The CM5 is the only instrument able to show the real time process performances. It offers the fiber producers the capability to certify the whole production within the specification. Internal coating defect detection (bubbles, inclusions,...) and coating asymmetry measurement.
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CIM PROD Software

Our advanced CIM PROD PC software is a complete production quality management tool for the operators. It comes with our instruments for their parameter settings, to clearly display the production measurements as well as the detected defects and generate real time parametersand records all the measures and events on data base.
The PROD version has been developped for INLINE fiber optics measurements. Adjusting tolerances, triggering threshold, spool exchange are specific features for production environment.
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