3-axis LPS Laser Projection Sensor


To complete the range of systems dedicated to the measurement of extruded wires, CERSA has launched the LPS range of instruments. The LPS uses shadow technology to measure the diameter of wires/cables/tubes during extrusion. Due its very high measuring speed (20,000 measurements/second), the LPS is able to play the role of a geometric defect detector (lumps and neckdowns) with its 3 independent axes spaced by 120°. In fact, it is an all-in-one system, contrary to what is commonly found in the competition. The LPS is able to detect very small defects even on high-speed lines!

Cable/tube measuring instrument for better quality control   

The non-contact laser optical measurement ensures good accuracy but especially independence from wire vibration which can appear during production. No internal moving parts ensure excellent robustness over time, unlike scanners whose principle is based on the rotation of a mirror. That technology also limits the measurement speed and requires regular maintenance.

At this time, the LPS only exists in the version LPS005 for diameters from 0.3 to 5mm with 3 measuring axes (120°) for diameter monitoring on the production line. 

A small measuring head contains both the optical system and all the electronics. No independent external controller is needed.

Cable diameter gauge and flaw detector for extruded cables

An all-in-one system capable of continuously measuring the diameter of a thin wire/cable/tube, but also of detecting any incidental geometrical defect (lump and/or neck) on a bare wire or on the insulation. An essential product for controlling the final quality of an insulated cable for example.

Connected with CERSA's CIM software, it continuously displays diameter changes in 3 directions, calculates product ovalization, records data, outputs a report and generates alarms when flaws are detected if they exceed the tolerances set by the operator. 

LPS has several inputs-outputs (analog and digital) for communicating with a PC or PLC (see details on the downloadable data sheet).