SQM Surface Defect Detector


To complete the range of systems dedicated to the geometric measurement of fine wires, CERSA has launched the SQM range of devices. An instrument immediately positioned as exceptional by its characteristics and performance in this market segment. Indeed, due to its innovative system of wire surface illumination, it is able to detect very small surface defects (scratches, bubbles, tear-off, coating loss, etc.) on the surface of any cylindrical product. It is able to achieve this for small diameters (down to 20µm) and very fast production speeds thanks to its 200,000 images per second! A perfect partner for diameter measuring devices such as the LDS and LPS from CERSA.

Surface defect detection on wires/cables/tubes  

Until now, there has been a lack of a system capable of analysing and especially detecting surface defects during production. This need, so often expressed by its customers, encouraged CERSA to develop a specific technology able to meet the severe requested requirements. State-of-the-art electronics and powerful embedded algorithms provide real-time analysis of the wire surface image. This makes it possible to obtain the length, width and surface area of the detected defect(s) simultaneously.

At this time, the SQM only exists in the SQM-F version for diameters from 20µm to 2mm. Other versions will soon form a complete range of systems to cover the most common dimensions and needs.  

All electronics and sensors are housed in a single, compact box, allowing it to operate in stand-alone mode when plugged into a power outlet.

SQM provides in-line surface quality measurement

The SQM has been developed specifically for the in-line measurement of extrusion or drawing products. It acts as a surface defect detector by generating an alarm each time a detected defect exceeds the limits set by the operator. It can also transmit high-definition images of the defects to the dedicated CERSA CIM Prod software for a precise analysis and characterization of their shape. This is a great tool for production managers who now have a precious tool for understanding and improving their process. The SQM becomes a complementary aid for diameter measurement and geometric defect detection instruments.

The SQM has several inputs and outputs (analog and digital) to communicate with a PC or PLC (see details on the downloadable data sheet).

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