Diameter measurement - 3 axis

Diameter, ovality, flaws - All in one Ø 0,3 - 5 mm
Illustrative image of the category inline 3 axis diameter measurements of wires, cables and tubes.
This is the main image of Cersa MCI's inline 3 axis measurement product, a measuring instrument for wires, cables and tubes.

Inline 3 axis wire diameter measurements : what's it for?

CERSA has launched the LPS range of instruments dedicated to the measurement of extruded wires. The LPS uses shadow technology to measure the diameter of wires/cables/tubes during production. Due its very high measuring speed (20,000 measurements/second), the LPS is able to play the role of a geometric defect detector (lumps and neckdowns) with 3 independent axes spaced apart by 120°. In fact, it is an all-in-one system, unlike what is commonly found in competitor’s instruments. The LPS is able to detect very small defects even on high-speed lines!

LPS has several inputs-outputs (analog and digital) for communicating with a PC or PLC.

Applications :

- Extrusion process

Type of wires :

- Steel cords
- Any insulated fine cables (plastic, rubber, PTFE etc.)

Instruments making up this solution

This is the main image of Cersa MCI's LPS005-3-H product, a measuring instrument for wires, cables and tubes.

LPS005-3-H: 3 axis measurement

High-speed diameter measurement for tubes, cables, wires.Its measurement principle is based on the laser projection (shadow), position and vibration independent. No averaging required.All-in-one device : diameter, ovality measurement + lump & neckdown detection. 3 axes and 20 000 measurements per second / per axis !

Technical documentation

Our software solution for Inline 3 axis diameter measurements

CIM PROD software

Our advanced CIM PROD PC software is a complete production quality management tool for technicians. It comes with our instruments to perform their parameter settings, to clearly display production measurements and the detected defects, and to generate real-time parameters and record all the measurements and events in a data base.

The PROD version has been developed for IN-LINE wire & cable measurements. Adjustment of tolerances, and a triggering threshold are specific features for the production environment.


Our dedicated accessories

SWB-005 : Standard Rod Box

4 standard rods in one box to cover the diameter range of the LPS005. The SWB allows customers to periodically check the stability of their instruments (quality control procedure).

Technical documentation

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