AIR Airline detector


The goal is to obtain an optical fiber with the best possible characteristics and performance while increasing its service-life. This confidential “know-how” allows us to stand out from the competition in a sector where improvements in the final quality of products is constantly sought. In order to meet the needs of its demanding customers, CERSA has created a device dedicated exclusively to the detection of internal flaws called airlines” in bare fibers.

Goal: internal flaw detection in optical fibers

If during the glass drawing process, the glass contains tiny bubbles, these turn into long hollow cylinders, several centimeters or even meters in length. These flaws can compromise the service-life and performance of the optical fiber. Many optical fiber manufacturers have added an AIR to their conventional measurement equipment to obtain 100% certification of production quality.

Airline detection with or without spinning 

With its 3 measuring axes, each spaced by 120°, the AIR is able to cover 100% of the cross-section of optical fiber measured and to detect airlines and their position in the fiber using the principle of interferometry. High range detection capabilities: down to 0.3µm. This is possible even if there is no spinning of the fiber (rotation on itself) during the drawing process!

AIR features:

  • Detection of airlines inside the glass (3 axes of detection)
  • Precise measurement of the fiber position (assists with the positioning and alignment of the drawing tower)
  • Minimum detection diameter for airlines: 0.3µm

Digital and analog inputs and outputs, RS232 output, fieldbus options, are used to connect the AIR to the tower PLC for control loop needs and measurement analysis.