CERSA MCI, leader of measurement and control instruments

F rench-based, CERSA-MCI is a world-leading manufacturer of measuring devices for fine wires, cables and optical fiber industries. Since 1981, CERSA provides solutions based on advanced technologies to help customers enhancing their production quality. The mastering of the physical phenomena, especially optical, and the use of the most innovative technologies, allows us to offer performances that suit present and future needs.

Our R&D engineers, experts in optics, electronics and signal processing, design all our devices. Our team of experienced technicians take care of the production with final assembly and testing of these sensors. Everything is designed, assembled, adjusted and tested in France to ensure a total control of the processes. The attention to the details makes our devices reliable and robust for daily use in the harsh conditions of workshops and manufacturing plants.

In cooperation with fine wire specialized foreign national laboratories and universities like METAS and NIST, CERSA-MCI has developed a complete process for ultra-fine wire calibration. We also have developed a complete test and validation procedure to certify the performances of each instrument provided.

Our teams ensure the preventive maintenance, repair, calibration or even hardware and software retrofit of your sensors. We can also assist customers with the commissioning and training in the use of our devices.



Set up in the south of France, CERSA-MCI is today world leader in the design and the production of advanced instruments and global measurement solutions. Our line of measurement instruments results of a close cooperation with our customers, and a continue and important investment in research and development to meet the requirements, as well in production lines than in laboratories. Our long and large cooperation with external research laboratories, our internal mastering of the design, the production, the assembly and the final tests, allows us to guaranty high performances, quality and durability but also to ensure an efficient technical support.

CERSA-MCI has an office in Wuhan-China, for the technical support of our customers and the product maintenance of all the Asian area as well as a worldwide network of representatives able to assist our customers locally.

The largest companies have chosen CERSA-MCI for their most demanding metrological applications in optical fiber, fine wire and cable fields !

February 5, 2020
CERSA field bus

Optical fiber devices – Industry 4.0 compliance !

CERSA-MCI has announced new generation of fiber optic measuring devices Industry 4.0 compliant. The complete line of this famous instruments is now available with multi industry […]
July 1, 2019
Salon Wire TOHO 1

Wire TOHO 2019 – 4 days of exceptional trade fair in Japan

For many years CERSA-MCI has been exhibiting its entire range of measuring instruments in Japan through its local distributor: TOHO. A long-standing partnership that allows us […]
June 19, 2019
photo Interwire 2019

Interwire 2019 – A succesful exhibition for CERSA-MCI

At Interwire 2019, CERSA-MCI presented its solution to monitor diameter and also detect short defects for high speed extrusion lines. The LPS-3-H is designed to measure […]

Our measurement solutions customized to your needs

O ur product range covers on-line and off-line applications for non contact measurement. High-frequency measurements and high accuracy measurement are DNA of our devices.

We offer a comprehensive range of devices dedicated to optical fiber manufacturers. A solution to ensure full quality certification of the fiber during drawing process. Today, the largest plants are equipped with our products for the measurement of bare fiber as well as coated fiber. Now available with multi industry standard communications (field buses).

Our well-known LDS range (Ø from 5µm to 2000µm), developped for more than 20 years for laboratory applications and continuously improved, is still the best solution on the market for tiny wires. Fitted with WSR accessory (measures over 360°) and associated with CIM Lab software, it becomes a complete solution to enhance wire quality. Also available with 2 axes for online measurement of fine wires.

Focused on high speed line measurement, the new SQM-F (patent technology) catches surface defects and displays their shape on screen. Today available for round product from 20µm to 2000µm. A complementary solution to geometrical measurement gauges to improve quality inspection.

LPS-3-H sensor was developed to monitor diameter and detect lumps and neckdonws in a single product for larger wire and cable diameters (Ø from 0.3mm to 5mm). With an acquisition speed of 20kHz and 3 axes, it far exceeds the devices available on the market.

Our CIM PC software, available in PROD or LAB version, ensures data display, data logging, allows to get statistics, analyses and prints of the measures for any CERSA device. A complete solution that is highly appreciated by operators for its advanced functionalities.

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