Calibration of measurement tools for optique fiber and wire industry

To guarantee the best performance of your devices over the years, CERSA offers a calibration service as well.

Thanks to close cooperation with established laboratories like NIST and METAS, and by following a rigorous process, we provide highly accurate calibration certificates according to international standards. Each instrument commes its own calibration certificate, as well as information about calibration procedures and the standard devices used during calibration.

NOTE : our gauges do not need special calibration during set-up.

Consequently, this prevents operation errors and reduces installation time.Complete device calibration is done by our skilled technicians at our headquarters in France. However, CERSA suggests purchasing standard wires or rods, available in various diameters, that will allow you to periodically monitor measurement stability. This is an affordable, precise and easy-to-use way to monitor repeatability, the trueness of your gauge, and reinforce your quality process.

To receive a quote for annual calibration or for standard wire boxes, please contact our support team at :

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