CIM, the software wire, cable and fiber monitoring

All-in-one software : display, data logging and analysis functions
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CERSA-MCI has developed its own PC Software for managing its instruments, data acquisition, recording, display and reports. Widely used in production and laboratories, it provides real-time measurement display, production quality control, and automatic instrument parameter settings according to customer product characteristics. Able to be used with a large tactile display screen, an easy-to-use interface, CIM is a wonderfully complete tool for both operators and factory supervisors.

Measuring instrument manager software features

By default, with each instrument sold, CERSA-MCI provides its software as a freeware version with limited functions. By purchasing the license, you will activate all following features:

  • Continuous graphical display of measurements and defects vs time or length
  • Data logging by batch or spool production files
  • Statistical and defects reports
  • Defects characterization (positioning, dating, min. and max. values, images, etc.)
  • Real time scopes and analysis
  • Display in metric and imperial units
download the FREEWARE software
A photo of the software functions of the CIM measuring instrument manager.

Our versions for In-line and Off-line applications

2 different versions are available, depending on use and requirements:

- LAB version for OFFLINE applications
- PROD version for INLINE applications

Note: A special version designed for measurement on fiber draw towers is supplied with the purchase of one or more FO devices.

CIM PROD Features
for In-line applications

  • Parameter settings and maintenance
  • Real-time display
  • Tolerance adjustements
  • Recipe management
  • Statistical analysis and report publication
  • Recording and analysis of defects
  • Records in databases
A photo of the characteristics of CIM PROD, for inline measurements.

CIM LAB Features
for Off-line applications

  • Parameter settings and maintenance
  • Wire and cable sample analysis
  • Specific display for sample measurements
  • Classification of samples with customizable fields
  • Statistical analysis and report publication
A photo of the characteristics of CIM LAB, for off-line measurements.

CIM software documentation

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