Upgrades and updates of measurement tools for optical fiber and wire industry

Keeping your devices updated, improving their performance levels, and extending communication protocols to meet next-generation requirements are simply indispensable.

At CERSA, our R&D team constantly improves our instruments and software to maintain our competitive edge. Therefore, new features, (faster measurement, better accuracy, etc.) are periodically proposed and can improve your devices. We offer updates and/or upgrades according to your requirements. By replacing electronic circuit boards, and adding specific features, you should be on top of improving your product and increasing productivity.

Do you need the last update for our CIM Software? Has your process has changed and you need more options or features on your dongle? Do you need a specific development that would better suit your factory needs? CERSA will be pleased to suggest the right solution for you.Whether for a hardware or software evolution, many options are possible at CERSA MCI.

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