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CERSA-MCI has announced new generation of fiber optic measuring devices Industry 4.0 compliant.

The complete line of this famous instruments is now available with multi industry standard communications. In addition to keeping RS232 serial link, CERSA offers the choice of several optional communication interfaces/field bus such as :

  • Profibus,
  • Profinet,
  • Modbus TCP
  • EtherNet /IP

These new communication interfaces offer customers more network connections with PLC and other compliant platforms.

Implementing those communication standards in customers’ factories will help to standardize connections between measuring devices and machines, retrieve and centralize measurements from online devices in near real-time and many other data into databases. A flexible solution to interconnect many devices/sensors and modernize industrial processes. Customers will also better handle reactivity, traceability of the process. These devices will be ready for future applications such as forecasting models or predictive maintenance. More connectivity and intelligence machines in the factory processes to reduce response times.

Device features, installation and performances remain the same. This new generation is available since the beginning of 2020.

Old generation devices can benefit from this change. Upgrades can be made to take advantage of advanced communications capabilities.

Please contact your agent or CERSA commercial service to know more about those operations.

Other CERSA-MCI products for on-line applications will soon benefit from this change. Stay tuned !

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