Customer information : LDS devices will be mandatorily upgrated to CIM in 2020

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LSONE firmware, installed in numerous LDS sensors, is no longer maintained. To guarantee compatibility with Windows evolutions and for more practical features like data logging and statistical analysis, CERSA-MCI has developed a new software called CIM.

Starting 2020/01/01, each LDS unit sent back to our factory for maintenance, will be mandatorily upgraded to a new embedded software only compatible with CIM soft.Communication protocol will change with the new embedded soft. Consequently, if you developped your own application based on LSONE protocol, you will have to modify/adapt it to continue using your LDS.Depending on which LDS version you own, modifications must be done in our factory during maintenance operations. Hardware upgrade or only software upgrade.

What will happen when my LDS go back for maintenance ?

Now until 2019/31/12 :

  • embedded software: choice between keeping LSONE or upgrading to CIM compatibles

2020/01/01 :

  • CIM mandatory !

What will happen technically for me after soft upgrade to CIM ?

LSONE user

  • Using CIM freeware with limited features


  • Buying CIM licence for extended features

Home made software based on LSONE protocol

  • Using CIM freeware with limited features
  • Modify/adapt communication protocol to continue using your LDS

For checking LDS version and know more about upgrade price, please contact your CERSA representative or contact us by mail : for any help.

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