Interwire 2019 – A succesful exhibition for CERSA-MCI


At Interwire 2019, CERSA-MCI presented its solution to monitor diameter and also detect short defects for high speed extrusion lines.

The LPS-3-H is designed to measure tubes, cables and wires from 0.3mm to 5mm (12 to 200 mils). Its measurement principle is based on the laser projection (shadow). 3 axis laser beam measurement ensure a full coverage of the surface. Several competitive advantages : comparing to scanning principle (rotating mirrors), our measurements are position and vibration independent; no averaging is required. As a result, LPS-3-H gauges are more reliable than competition.

With its fast measurement rate : 20 000 Hz (measurements per axis), LPS-3-H can detect any short evolutions/changes of the diameter. More or less 10 times faster than other devices available ! Thus, a short defect as lump or neckdown can be detected. For example : at 300m/min, LPS-3-H will detect a lump of 250µm length.

Traditionally, customers have to buy two gauges : one for diameter control and one for flaw detection. Finally, its dual features of diameter monitoring and defect detection makes it an all-in-one product !

Many companies have expressed an interest in our measuring equipment. New opportunities are now opening up for CERSA on American market.

Come to visit our new website for more details on our large range of measurement gauges.

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