Surface quality analysis

U ntil now the devices available on the market have been able to measure the diameter and detect geometrical defects of wires and cables. Wheter in the drawing, plating, or extrusion processes. However, there was a lack of a device capable of measuring defects that can appear on the surface of a wire/cable during the manufacturing process. Such as a lack of plating, scratches or defects such as impurities, bubbles or particles on the insulation.

High resolution cameras are limited to large diameter and low speed. Until now, to analyze surface defects during production, you had to take off a sample and examinate it offline under a microscope. Our SQM allows "live" action, and therefore a faster correction of the defects !

The SQM : our laser surface measurement

The SQM is a truly innovative and patented instrument, long initiated at the customer demand, to continuously check inline the surface quality of fine wires.

It works like a ring camera, all around the circumference of the wire.The image is analyzed in real time by powerful algorithms in order to provide all necessary information about defects such as their surface, perimeter and localisation. Alarms can be generated according to customer's requirements.

Our surface inspection system : a success with our customers

Numerous tests performed on customers applications prove SQM capability and performances on fine wires. Used in combination with LPS gauge for geometry defects like lump and neckdonw, SQM will generate a complet image of the wire surface in order to detect any defect, shape disturbances, scratches, platting missing. A real step forward in your quality process!

Like other CERSA instruments, the SQM is a non-contact measurment system, wire vibration measurement independent. It completes our line of dimensional measurment sensors on production lines.

Range Ø from 20 to 2000µm (0,8 to 80mils)


SQM-F (available April 2020 !)

High resolution and real time surface defect detection on fine wires and cables with 256 pixels per circumference and 200 000 images per second. Defect image display on CIM for customer analysis and characterization. Wire vibration measurement independent.
Application on metallic wires, coated wires, fibers, etc.
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CIM PROD : PC software

cim 1

CIM PROD Software

Our advanced CIM PROD PC software is a complete production quality management tool for the operators. It comes with our instruments for their parameter settings, to clearly display the production measurements as well as the detected defects and generate real time parametersand records all the measures and events on data base.
Connected to SQM, our software generate and compute the defect surface, depending on adjusting tolerances and threshold.
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How to detect surface defects on fine wires ?

When we think of measuring a wire or cable, we most often think of measuring its geometry, its electrical performance or its electrical insulutation. However, its external appearance is also of real importance...
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