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C ERSA offers a large range of professional services to maintain the reliability and performance levels of your devices. Our skilled technicial staff is ready to work side-by-side with you to provide high quality support. We are happy to provide commissioning, training, preventive maintenance, calibration and upgrades of your measuring gauges. CERSA pays close attention to your concerns and is committed to delivering only the very highest quality service. That is why numerous customers have been trusting CERSA for years.



CERSA works consistently to simplify set-up and reduce the installation time of its measuring devices. Consequently, following our instruction manual is generally sufficient.

However, for a first-time implementation of CERSA devices in your factory, we will be pleased to assist you (by phone, Skype meeting) in getting the best use of your equipment.

If you need to have multiple devices set up and interconnected together with your PLC, our skilled engineers can help you on site. The goal is to provide the optimal parameter settings to shorten installation time and restart your process as soon as possible.

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Our concern is simple :  to ensure that you will benefit from your high-level measuring device. This is why CERSA is fully engaged to offer technical training courses and support based on your specific needs all over the world.

Our training program is based upon theorical measuring principles and practical exercises using our CERSA gauges. During 1 or 2 days, your technicians will learn to configure, optimize and care for CERSA gauges in accordance with their requirements.

Moreover, we are available to help you remotely if you have questions about CERSA MCI’s instruments, hardware or software. We are committed to replying to you within 24-48 hours.

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Maintenance 1

Insuring your device is still working perfectly and measuring correctly over the long run, and according to technical specifications, is essential. Therefore, each device manual provides basic and illustrated tips on how to take care of your measuring devices. Some of these operations, like cleaning lenses, can be completed on a regular basis on your own.

However, to increase device working life, it is strongly recommended that periodic maintenance be done. These more complex operations are performed at our French plant, or in China if you’re located in Asia.

We offer several maintenance contracts to suit your needs. From maintenance service upon request, to periodic maintenance services and scheduled visits at your facility. Functional testing, basic cleaning, part replacements, and calibration are included in our maintenance packages.

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To guarantee the best performance of your devices over the years, CERSA offers a calibration service as well. Thanks to close cooperation with established laboratories like NIST and METAS, and by following a rigorous process, we provide highly accurate calibration certificates according to international standards. Each instrument commes its own calibration certificate, as well as information about calibration procedures and the standard devices used during calibration.

NOTE : our gauges do not need special calibration during set-up. Consequently, this prevents operation errors and reduces installation time.

Complete device calibration is done by our skilled technicians at our headquarters in France. However, CERSA suggests purchasing standard wires or rods, available in various diameters, that will allow you to periodically monitor measurement stability. This is an affordable, precise and easy-to-use way to monitor repeatability, the trueness of your gauge, and reinforce your quality process.

To receive a quote for annual calibration or for standard wire boxes, please contact our support team at :




A long working life and reliability are essential for a measuring device. These qualities have  for many years contributed to CERSA’s fine reputation all over the world.

Only CERSA staff can provide high-quality spare parts and insure replacement, testing and calibration of your measurement instrument, thereby offering you optimal performance and extended working life.

While your device is being repaired, and to avoid production down-time, a loan service is available. Availability, duration, and geographical area of the loan will need to be specified at the time of your request.

NOTE : Quotation for a repair can only be made after your device has been inspected in our factory in France.

Please contact our team, who will take your needs into account and suggest the best solution for you :


Keeping your devices updated, improving their performance levels, and extending communication protocols to meet next-generation requirements are simply indispensable.

At CERSA, our R&D team constantly improves our instruments and software to maintain our competitive edge. Therefore, new features, (faster measurement, better accuracy, etc.) are periodically proposed and can improve your devices. We offer updates and/or upgrades according to your requirements. By replacing electronic circuit boards, and adding specific features, you should be on top of improving your product and increasing productivity.

Do you need the last update for our CIM Software? Has your process has changed and you need more options or features on your dongle? Do you need a specific development that would better suit your factory needs? CERSA will be pleased to suggest the right solution for you.

Whether for a hardware or software evolution, many options are possible at CERSA MCI.

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