Diameter sample measurement

Ø5 - 2000µm
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This is the main image of Cersa MCI's offline diameter measurement product, a measuring instrument for wires, cables and tubes.

Wire diameter - offline measurement : For what purpose?

Used as a stand-alone version by many fine wire manufacturers, and associated with a range of dedicated accessories, the LDS allows operators to control the quality of their production or incoming products.For fine wire/cable, CERSA MCI provides a good-value and easy way of measuring the diameter in less than 5 seconds. Hold the wire by hand and place it in the laser beam. T-bars or V-bars help you to get the right height position. By using our foot pedal accessory, it becomes easy to translate or to turn the wire and get several diameter values for statistical analysis by pushing the pedal and trig each measurement. Many details are available on the embedded screen : average diameter, min and max diameter. All these values can then be also stored, printed with our label printer or used for statistical analysis using our CIM software.


- Sample wire analysis after drawing or for periodic die control
- Quality control (incoming inspection)

Type of wires:

- Steel, copper, stainless steel wire
- Gold, silver wire
- Carbon fiber, saw wire
- Any precious metal wire!

Instruments making up this solution

This is the main image of Cersa MCI's LDS-1-S product, a measuring instrument for wires, cables and tubes.

LDS-1-S : 1 axis measurement

Single axis version

For measuring diameters of fine wires, with high accuracy.Its measurement principle is based on laser diffraction. Position and vibration independency. All static components, no moving parts. No averaging required.

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This is the main image of Cersa MCI's Foot Pedal product.

FP : Foot Pedal

By manually handling the wire, the Foot Pedal helps to trig the diameter measurement at different positions of your wire samples.

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This is the main image of Cersa MCI's Label Printer product.

LP : Label Printer

Either connected to the LDS or to the PC using CIM software, it allows measurement results and data on easy-stick labels to be printed and transferred onto the spools. Templates are available to customize your labels.

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Our software solution for diameter offline measurement

CIM LAB software

Our advanced CIM PC software is a complete quality management tool for technicians. It comes with our instruments for their parameter settings, and enables you to to clearly display production measurements as well as any defects detected , to generate real-time parameters and to record all the measurements and events in a data base.

The LAB version is specially made for wire sample measurement and data management, classifying samples by customizable fields, keeping records and generating reports, as well as extracting the data to.csv file. All are useful features for laboratory applications.


Our dedicated accessories

SWB-1 : Standard Wire Box

4 standard wires in one box to cover the diameter range of each LDS. The SWB allows customers to check periodically the stability of their instruments (quality procedure).

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