Surface defect measurement

Ø 15µm up to 2000µm
Illustrative image of the category inline surface defect measurement of wires, cables and tubes.
This is the main image of Cersa MCI's inline surface defect measurement measurement product, a measuring instrument for wires, cables and tubes.

Inline surface defect measurement : what's it for?

The SQMF is a truly innovative, patented instrument, developed following insistent customer demand, to continuously check the surface quality of fine wires in-line. It works like a ring camera, right around the circumference of the wire. The image is analyzed in real-time by powerful algorithms in order to provide all necessary information about defects, such as their length, width, surface and localization. Alarms can be generated depending on customer's requirements. The SQMF generates a complete image of the wire surface in order to detect any defect, shape disturbances, scratches, or missing coating. A real step forward in your quality control process!

Type of wires/tubes :

- Finewires/cables/tubes/pipes
- Metal wires with a reflective surface (steel, copper, gold, silver)
- Drawn products and certain extruded products
- Enameled wires, coated wires, and some insulated wires

Benefits :

- Increasesyour productivity
- Enhances the final quality
- Saves in raw materials
- Drastically reduces waste

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Instruments making up this solution

This is the main image of Cersa MCI's SQM-F product, an inline surface defect detector instrument for wires, cables and tubes.


The SQMF offers high-resolution and real-time surface defect detection on fine wires, cables and tubes with 128 pixels per circumference and 200,000 images per second. The defect image is displayed on CIM soft for customer analysis and characterization. The minimum linear resolution is 18μm. 100% of the surface is covered. Its high-measurement rate help to characterize continuously fine defects in real-time and to display their images on your PC. A perfect partner for diameter measuring devices such as the LDS and DLN instruments from CERSA.

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Our software solution for Inline surface defect measurement

CIM PROD software

Our advanced CIM PROD PC software is a complete, production quality management tool for the operators. It comes with our instruments for their parameter settings, to clearly display the production measurements as well as the detected defects and generate real time parameters and records all the measurements and events in a data base.

Connected to the SQM-F, our software displays image and details of the defects, depending on adjusting tolerances and threshold.


Our dedicated accessories

Auto test accessory

Specially designed for SQMF device. Allows a self-test of the correct operation of the SQMF to be performed.

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Pulleys guide

Specially designed for SQMF device. It helps to align correctly the wire/tube into the SQMF hole and prevents too much vibration during measurement operations.

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Wire guiding tool

Specially designed for SQMF device. It helps the fine wire/cable/tube to be perfectly centered in the entrance hole of the SQMF.

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