Diameter measurement - 2 axis

Ø 5 -2000µm
Illustrative image of the category inline 2 axis diameter measurements of wires, cables and tubes.
This is the main image of Cersa MCI's inline dual-axis measurement product, a measuring instrument for wires, cables and tubes.

Inline 2 axis wire diameter measurements : what's it for?

The LDS can be used inline with this dual-axis device version to continuously monitor  the wire diameter during production.Instead of a single-axis system, this 2 diameter @90° version provides a better coverage of the wire. A device that is easy to implement on the line and that, with its integrated display and digital output, quickly informs the user of any deviation from the set tolerances.

The LDS has several inputs-outputs (analog and digital) to communicate with a PC or PLC.


- Drawing process
- Periodic die control
- Quality control (incoming)

Type of wires:

- Steel, copper, stainless steel wire
- Gold, silver wire
- Carbon fiber, saw wire
- Any precious wire!

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Instruments making up this solution

This is the main image of Cersa MCI's LDS-2-S product, a measuring instrument for wires, cables and tubes.

LDS-2-S : dual axis measurement

Dual axis version

To measure diameters of fine wires, with high accuracy. It's measurement principle is based on laser diffraction. Position and vibration independency. All static components, no moving parts. No averaging required. It can be used for in-line measurement for continuous diameter monitoring.

Technical documentation

Our software solution for Inline 2 axis diameter measurements

CIM PROD software

Our advanced CIM PROD PC software is a complete production quality management tool for technicians. It comes with our instruments to perform their parameter settings, to clearly display production measurements and the detected defects, and to generate real-time parameters and record all the measurements and events in a data base.The PROD version has been developed for IN-LINE wire & cable measurements. Adjustment of tolerances, and a triggering threshold are specific features for the production environment.


Our dedicated accessories

SWB-2 : Standard Wire Box

4 standard wires in one box to cover the diameter range of each LDS. The SWB allows customers to check periodically the stability of their instruments (quality procedure).

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